Class Descriptions

Align & Flow

These classes promote vitality, stamina, strength, flexibility and resilience. Participants are guided through life-affirming themes and cooresponding creative movement sequences that will assist in nourishing both the body and the soul. Classes will also include mindfulness tools, pranayama, and meditation. Being an all levels class, everyone from beginner to advanced is encouraged to join us. Kristin will do her best to provide variations that can bring more ease or challenge into your practice.


Yin Yang with Mini Sound Bath Savasana. Yin is a practice consisting of seated and reclining postures that are passively held for 3-5 minutes. These poses focus on releasing deep connective tissue and opening the joints. Yang refers to vinyasa (flow) which engages and strengthens the larger muscles of the body through movement. Half of the class is in each style and balances asana and meditation in a way that creates a deep and quiet practice. Suitable for all levels.

at Malama Massage Therapy

104 West Hudson Ave

Folly Beach, South Carolina 29439

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