New Moon Women's Gatherings

A monthly, intentional gathering that shifts every month, like the lunar cycle, to lift and support each other, with collaborations from inspiring females in our community. Every gathering we offer a "skill share", an opportunity for women to collaborate with us and share their passion in a sacred environment. All proceeds of these donation based events go back into the community.

A long history of gathering...

Every month the New Moon marks the begining of a new cycle and presents itself as an open vessel, full of potential and receptive to a fresh start. A time every month that gives you a chance to plant seeds of intention for what you wish to grow in this new cycle of your life.In our day to day it is easy to forget about our ever-present connection with the Earth and Moon. Women have been gathering on the New Moon for eons, and millions of women across our planet keep this ritual every month. We not only continue an ancient practice but are able to take time to connect with our sisters, locally and globally on these sacred days. It is essential and powerful to take the time to connect with ourselves, and our sisters in a sacred space that we can create together. A space to express, create, nurture, connect, comfort and feel understood. Creating an energetic web of acceptance and love for all who walk through the door.

Skill Share...

The idea is create a space where members of our sister community can share their skills. These are areas where you can volunteer to teach and share your passion. We provide the safe and sacred space for you to experiment with something new or lead us through one of your favorite experiences. Please contact us if you are interested in collaborating and sharing with your sister community! We cannot wait to see what you have to offer and we are ready to lift you up!

Past Collaborators:

Bethany of Cocoa Academic led us through an indulgent chocolate meditation and we were able to purchse her chocolates afterward.

Emily Cassel, Life, Business and Leadership Coach for Soulful and Ambitious Women, guided us through tips and tricks to aligning with our life's purpose through the divine feminine and flow.

The evening looks something like this...

  • Opening Circle 

  • IntroductionsMeditations on the significance of this New Moon

  • Yoga/Movement 

  • Creative Exercise (*Skill Share*)

  • (*Journaling, Art, Inspirational Talk, , Dance, Qi Gong, Reiki, Massage, etc......*)

  • Meditations/ Journaling

  • Intention setting/Bath Salt Collaboration 

  •  Closing Circle

*Skill Share*

***Please bring any of your favorite essential oils, flowers, herbs to add to our bath salts! And bring a jar to take some salts home with you***

 ♥ Each event is by DONATION and donations go to a different selected charity each month. In the past we have donated 100% of the proceeds to:

Y2O, a local chiarity that teaches at risk youth how to surf. 

Surfer's Healing Folly, Surfer's Healing is a free one day surf camp for children with autism in Folly Beach.

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